Serves 4 as a side dish

The weather is starting to warm up now and with summer just around the corner, BBQ’s season is just about to kick off!
Here’s a great side dish alternative to the regular potato bake, and pairs up well with just about any leafy green salad.
Try it now!


800gm cauliflower, trimmed, cut into florets and blanched

2 cups (240g) grated cheddar

1 cup (250ml) single pouring cream

Sea salt and cracked black pepper ½ cup sage leaves


Preheat oven to 250C

Place the cauliflower, half the cheddar, cream, salt, and pepper in a large bowl and toss to combine

Divide the cauliflower mixture between 4 x 1 ½ cup (375ml) ovenproof ramekins and sprinkle over the remaining cheddar.

Cover each with non-stick baking paper and aluminium foil, place on a large oven tray and cook for 10 minutes.

Carefully remove the baking paper and foil and cook for a further eight minutes.

Top with sage and cook for a further two minutes or until golden and bubbling, then serve.