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Throughout our venues, one food trend for event catering has emerged as the front runner – the glorious food station. The start of 2017 shows no signs of this changing, with ‘standing buffets’ becoming popular in every style of event, from corporate networking nights to weddings.


So, why the Food Station?


Food stations are a more social way of sharing a meal… more and more so at Blond events, we are seeing a popularity rise in food stations over the standard canapé or seated event. The stations are always one-of-a-kind: from the modern Asian stations to the rustic antipasto and cheese stations, each is specifically tailored to a client’s vision for the event. Clients are seeing the benefit of this through having food that is not only a deliciously decorative statement as part of the event style, but also as an interactive icebreaker for guests. This is especially beneficial for our clients with fundraising/networking/private events where not all the guests may know one another.


Another reason behind the popularity of the food station is the financial aspect. The types of food is dependent on the station, which, as I mentioned earlier, is designed with the client needs in mind. This means that the station can be customised to the clients budget with a wide variety of produce, whilst still maintaining the quality that Blond is renowned for.


What is popular?


Food stations come in all different shapes and sizes, but these types in particular that are sure-fire winners:


Asian Stations

China is now Australia’s second largest overseas visitor, with food and beverage a major drawcard. Hosting overseas visitors from Asian countries in a corporate setting has seen the rise of the Asian food station, as this assists those visiting to feel more ‘at home’ in the event, thus more relaxed. A combination of Australia’s finest seafood, with Asian cuisine, often makes for a show-stopping station with flair!


Antipasto and Cheese Stations

The antipasto and cheese station is always a crowd-pleaser. Perfect for any kind of event, the cheeses can be matched and paired with the selected beverage package, so as to complement and enhance the guests experience. These food stations can be built up to look quite voluminous with an affordable budget, ensuring you are the host with the most!


Slider Stations

Burgers are possibly the largest trend of this last year, and a slider station is a great idea for a younger guest list. A few different sliders with a mini hotdog and fries will keep the younger ones pre-occupied and well-fed, guaranteeing that the adults have time to relax and enjoy the event too!


Dessert Stations

The station to end all stations… there is no better way to end your event than with a beautifully decadent station of delicate petit four desserts of chocolates, fruits, cakes and fresh berries!


If you are thinking of having a food station at your next event, why not contact me at Tarrah@blondcatering.com.au – let Blond take the hassle out of hosting for you.